Densitometer Mac


Fifth Wave introduces Densitometer Mac and it's companion product, IO. Two well designed software products allowing the user to quickly store instrument readings for manipulation, calculation, and archival purposes without any increase in your current process time. Now you can immediately spend time using the application, rather than learning how to use the application. After all, isn't time something we can all use more of?

Densitometer Mac and IO enable you to get the most out of existing equipment as well as eventual add-ons. Designed with future expansion and next generation in mind, Densitometer Mac and IO will continue to be major players in the instrument-interface arena. Whatever your particular environment - engineering, prepress, color lab, or general graphic arts - Fifth Wave products are for you.

Process Time Savings

How often have you wanted to maintain more stringent control over your process but have not had the time or data to do so? Densitometer Mac will keep precise records of all measurements providing you with the freedom to import data into other applications (like spreadsheets) for critical analysis. Sophisticated business tools such as trend analysis, variances, and even correlation studies are now available to you.
IO, a new, stand-alone product, is a Control Panel device that enables you to port instrument readings directly into most popular applications. For example, without learning a new software package, you can have data appear in your spreadsheet or graphing software as if you had typed it in on the keyboard.

Computer Aided Accuracy

Densitometer Mac and IO will help you be more productive with your densitometers, spectrophotometers, and other graphic arts instruments. The accuracy of your information is no longer dependent upon manually copying down values.
Instead, computer-aided accuracy can be yours. The speed of computer assistance is unparalleled, and the security of having computer back-up of your important data is a tremendous advantage over previous methods of data acquisition. No more searching for a scrap of paper with handwritten hieroglyphics.


Working closely with major graphic arts instrument manufacturers, Fifth Wave has been able to insure compatibility with their most popular equipment. Of course, Densitometer Mac and IO are fully compatible with Apple Computer's Macintosh family, including the Power Macintosh.


In addition to the Densitometer Mac or IO software packages, an interface cable to connect your Macintosh to your measurement instrument is needed. The interface cable is available directly from Fifth Wave, the instrument manufacturer, or can be made by any competent technician for a nominal fee. Cable diagrams are furnished in the Densitometer Mac instruction manual that accompanies the package.

Your Macintosh computer must have a minimum of 64 MB of RAM and Mac OS 8.6 or later.

Fifth Wave's Commitment

Fifth Wave provides an unmatched level of professionalism and service. Responsive to the individual client, we are always happy to discuss any special needs. Though we are confident that Densitometer Mac is for you, customization is available, if necessary, at reasonable rates. Customer feedback is always welcomed and evaluated for inclusion in future versions of the software. Maintenance releases and Minor updates are made avalable to our customers at no additional charge.* Major updates are available for a nominal fee. Telephone and email support is supplied free of charge.

* Not Including Shipping.

A Cost Effective Addition To Your Graphic Arts Equipment

Graphic arts equipment requires significant investment, and the investment in Densitometer Mac is nominal by comparison. With the time you will save obtaining accurate, valid data from you instruments, Densitometer Mac and IO will instantly pay for themselves. The simple truth is, how can you afford not to use Densitometer Mac or IO?

Densitometer Mac / IO retail for $299.00 without cable, $339 including cable; both include shipping. Site License information available upon request. All prices are USD, unless otherwise noted.

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