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What Is It?

Convert is simply the greatest tool available for calculating conversions on the Macintosh. Temperature, Velocity, Time, Mass, Bartending, you name it! Full support of the Mac OS, Drag and Drop, multiple monitors, foreign localizations, non-modal and Balloon help. Over a thousand different conversions possible. Convert supports most of the widely used SI Prefixes. Automatically supports U.S. English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Version 1.3.4 is a minor update free to all paid Convert users. Note that version 1.3.4 will likely be the last version that supports 68K Macs. See the release notes for a complete description. Version 1.3.3/1.3.4 features/changes include:

* Fat binary version (both 68K and PPC).
* Worked around PPC postfix increment bug.
* Field selection now handled per Apple's HIG.
* Added missing Moment of Inertia conversions.
* In Mass, refined grains (avoir) to grams, kilograms.
* Added English conversions to Volume, corrected other Volume conversions.
* Made Categories alphabetical.
* In Illuminance, refined "footcandles to lux" and "lux to footcandles".
* In Luminance, refined "lamberts to stilbs", "candles/m2 to stilbs".

System Requirements

Requires Mac OS 8.6 or later; and supported in Mac OS X Classic environment. Convert requires a Macintosh computer with 500 K available for the application's use.

Fifth Wave's Commitment

Fifth Wave provides an unmatched level of professionalism and service. Customer feedback is always welcomed and evaluated for inclusion in future versions of the software. Maintenance releases and Minor updates are free of charge to all our customers. Major updates are available for a nominal fee. Email support is supplied free of charge.

Can You Afford NOT to have Convert?

Whether you are an architect, chemical, electrical, software or other type of engineer, or simply trying to scale a food recipe, Convert is inexpensive insurance that your calculations are correct.

Convert version 1.x retails for $15.00 U.S., (electronic download). Site License information available upon request.

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